Monday, October 17, 2011
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Although it was formed only a few months before the start of Dakar 2009, Vectra Racing became a strong team who proved in Pharaoh’s Rally 2008 that it mean more than one pilot who can finish the Dakar in Top Ten. Vectra Racing quickly became the most powerful private team in rally‐raid (cross‐country), putting Romania in a new spotlight. With the head quarter in Braşov, the team has proved that it is a great solution for all Romanian pilots who need a good technical support in international events. In Dakar 2009, Vectra Racing provided technical support for 7 riders and in Tunis Rally 2009 (Cross Country World Championship) for 3, including Jordi Viladoms.

In the last years, pilots who raced in this team had impressive results in rally‐raid events and extreme enduro. Frans Verhoven (Holland) is the winner of Dakar 2009, Marathon Class, David Casteu (France) is the winner of Pharaoh’s Rally 2008 and he ended Dakar 2009 on 4th place, Mani Gyenes became the first Romanian rider who establish the best time in a Cross Country World Championship stage (Pharaoh’s Rally 2008). And he won the Production class at Morocco Rally in 2009.

The core of the team is represented by the four Romanian riders: Marcel Butuza (team manager), Emanuel Gyenes, Alex Garbacea and Romeo Duicu.

At Dakar 2011 the team will race with two pilots: Emanuel Gyenes and Marcel Butuza.

Marcel Butuza –  Brasov


Marcel is a motorcycle pilot for over 30 years.He learned to ride a motorcycle at the age of 14 at the Torpedo Club in Zarnesti , then he rode for the Steaua Club in Bucharest, but now he sees his dream realized – to have his own Motorcycling Club, called Vectra.

All this time he competed in different branches of motor sport and he obtained many titles. At first, he competed in the Motocross Races, winning a lot of local competitions and being multiple national vice‐champion at 80 cc class and at 125 cc class. As the years passed, his interest was caught by Enduro and Supermoto races. He loved it and he was good at it. In the last years he turned his attention to Cross-Country Rallies. Marcel became the first Romanian enduro champion, but after a few seasons of hard work and training he decided to participate in the international competitions. Red Bull Romaniacs has been the hardest enduro competition he took part in for two editions. In 2006, he became the first Romanian rider to finish one edition of the Cross-Country Rallies World Championship ‐ UAE Desert Challenge. Next year, in 2007, he participated at four stage of the World Championship. He managed to finish the season in top 10, being the 6th overall. In 2008, he took part in the Central Europe Rally, Pharaoh’s Rally and Dubai Rally. Because in 2007 and 2009 he was forced to abandon the race due to technical problems at his motorcycle and in 2008 the rally was canceled, finishing the Dakar Rally became the main target of the 30 years ca reer in motor sport for one of the most famous motorcycle riders in Romania.

Emanuel (Mani) Gyenes –  Satu Mare

After two victories at the Teams Section in the Red Bull Romaniacs competition, Experts category, in 2006, Zsolt Szilveszter offered him the chance to race in the Dakar Rally (2007). The most difficult rally‐raid was ended by the young pilot on the 9th place, at the Beginners category. His success didn't end here, Mani Gyenes occupied the 46th position in the overall classification (245 riders took the start and only 140 reached the finish line) and the 18th position at the Super Production category.

‐ other international achievements: silver medal at the International Six Days Enduro 2007, second place at 450 cc at Dakar Series Central Europe Rally 2008, the first Romanian rider who won a special stage in the Cross‐Country Rallies World Championship (he occupied the 6th place in the overall classification in the Rally of Pharaoh’s 2008 and the second place in the Extreme Rally category). Winner of Shamrock 2009 (Rally of Morocco stage from Cross Country World Championship) at Production class, 8th overall. Second place at Red Bull Romaniacs 2009 Expert Single class. In 2010: 9th place at Red Bull Romaniacs Pro class, 8th place overall in Rallye Tunisie (stage in Cross Country Rallies World Championship).

In Romania, Mani is 4 times enduro and 4 times endurocross champion.
Objectives: to win the Dakar someday
‐ to be in the first 10 riders at the end of 2011 Cross Country World Championship.

Alex Garbacea –  Brasov

He has a shorter career in motorcycling, but a very successful one. Before starting to ride motorbikes, Alex was a rugby player.
He became interested in hard competitions since 2006. Alex participated in the Red Bull Romaniacs (and then he came back for this competition in 2007, 2008, 2009 ) and in the same year he met the desert for the first time, in a training session in Tunisia.
In the World Cross Country Rallies Championship he participated in the Sardegna Rally in 2007 and Pharaons Rally (the second hardest Rally after Dakar). He finished this last Rally on the 11th place in the Production Class, becoming, at 24 years, the youngest Romanian rider to finish a competition in the World Cross Country Rallies Championship.
Alex is a strong member of the team when Vectra must race in snowmobile rallies. Along with his brother, Alex is the winner of Red Bull 1000 Trails (hard snowmobile rally held in Carpathians Mountains).

Romeo Duicu – Rasnov

When he started to ride in the mountains, 10 years ago, Romeo had only one dream, to race in Dakar. And this dream came true in 2009, when he became the first Romanian pilot who finished this event in South America. After he finished the Red Bull Romaniacs, he knew that he is capable to race in hard competitions, but the desert was a problem for him.
That's why he decided to start Pharaons Rally in 2007, where he learned what desert mean and how you are supposed to navigate and race in the sand. He is an important part of the team for World Cross Country Rallies Championship.

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